Graduated in Visual Arts, Marcelo Maraska is a Brazilian "Song-Storyteller": he mixes his authorial comics and music compositions into performances and Installations, sometimes showing animated scenes of his comic books into music  performances as well (his work is inspired by Circus/“Commedia Dell’Arte” and related subjects).

On this site you'll find some samples of his work as an illustrator on his professional field, you just have to "click" on the buttons and check it out...

... But if you want to know more about his Audiovisual work & performances, click on "Maraska" button. There, you'1l find more info.
  But here is a summary: 

Maraska Project is a "troupe". It is basically a group of performers (musicians, artists) wearing his comic characters costumes and masks on the presentations. We had called it with different names in the past. But troupe is satisfactory for now. (check it ou his song HERE

It is an innovative and interactive production, including the audience through musical, visual and reading experiences.

Maraska Project won twice the "Cultural Action Program of São Paulo" – ProAC - a governamental sponsorship for cultural projects. And his both sponsored comic books have been published by Devir Editora (2010 and 2016, respectively), an important and supportive book-house that has had published most of the comic-book authors from Brazil. – 

The Beginning 

His embryonic audiovisual ideas began to take shape when he won a world competition for college students, and for this, Marcelo represented Brazil in Japan, performing with his authorial songs and illustrations - Tokyo, 1989.

And Marcelo ideas have been spreading overseas a little. He presented his Audiovisual performances and installations in exhibitions sponsored by Hope Center of Performing and Arts, where he had worked as an art-educator and teaching comics and illustration as well – Jersey City, USA, 2000-2002. 

Couple years later, Marcelo became Marcelo Maraska. And from then on to the very present, he has never stopped doing it somehow.

Marcelo is Brazilian. It is not easy to survive only as an artist in Brazil when you are not coming from a wealthy/rich family. And it gets worse when your country has restarted to not recognise art as a way of living, once more for conservative political reasons, filled with prejudices. 

But we keep walking. And drawing, singing, playing, dancing and telling you stories on the stage or on the streets across the world. 

So, let's have fun! But with the eyes wide opened.