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Children Book - sample pages of  "Rosadinha em Uma Festa Diferente"
Publisher: Devir - Sponsored by Lei Rouanet - 2017
Illustrations: Marcelo Maraska
Text: Mara Rey Veneziani

Rosadinha's pencils:

obs: Asterix's Ester Egg here, besides the obvious feasting scene inspiration...

Children Book - Cover & pages: "Rosadinha, A Bruxinha do Bem"
Publisher: Devir - Sponsored by Lei Rouanet - 2013
Illustrations: Marcelo Maraska
Text:Mara Rey Veneziani

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for textbook :
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Illustration for an inside event at St. Pauls' British School of SP, 
special thanks to Renato Ribeiro for his original ideas!

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Cartilha Diabetes tests (collaborating with Ale Bocci, illustrator 

Dumonzinho, Educational books for Guilherme Dumont Villares - Pea-UNESCO